Friday, January 11, 2019

The hidden and upside down truth

We are not racists.
They are the ones to be colonialists.
It is since the end of 1440 that we say it, and no one listens to us.
These people have been coming to us for almost six centuries to steal and conquer.
To kill and bring diseases.
To impoverish and subjugate.
To make the inhabitants slaves.
To impose culture and traditions.
To devastate everything.
To massacre entire generations.
To divide peoples.
To bribe the younger ones.
To deceive the most vulnerable.
To erase cities and monuments.
To debase hopes.
To pollute waters and skies.
To exploit and manipulate entire nations.
And then, if even one of us dares to come to them...
Here is the invasion, the immigration problem and the walls, the illegal migrants and everyone should stay their own home.
Unfortunately it is now late, it would take the time machine, to tie.
Otherwise, give us the chance to go back with the awareness of today, then we will see who the immigrants are and who the owners of their land and its riches...

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The immigrant and the guardian

"Hello," says the so-called immigrant to the alleged guardian of the denominated border, "we would like to enter your country."
"What right do you have to do that?"
"The right of asylum, you know, in my country my family and I are in perpetual danger because of the violence from drug traffickers and gangs."
"The right to asylum no longer exists, it has been abolished."

"I see, what about the right to survival?"
"I'm sorry, it was canceled by presidential decree just last week."
"The right not to die murdered?"
"Never heard, it must be a Fake News."
"And what about the right of my children to not be killed with bullets?"
"There was, look, if you had come an hour ago, you were still in time, but the latest update of the operating system has cut it."
"Oops, Dolores," the immigrant tells his wife, "I told you to be faster..."
The woman, carrying two newly weaned children and another attached to her skirt, does not reply and shows a distraught expression.
"Wait, I found it: the right to be treated as human beings?"
"That's still here, of course, it's obvious."
"So we can get in, right?"
"Not at all."
"Because just as human beings you cannot. If by pure example you were birds you would have flown freely over the wall, the same for flies, butterflies and beetles."
"Well, if we were dogs, sheep, even snakes, we would have entered without problems, but as humans..."
"As humans, nothing to do."
"It was better to be born animals, then?"
The family is about to leave when the man returns to the border one last time.
"Excuse me, can I ask you a question?"
"You and your friends, how did you get in the very first time?"
"Simple: we have exterminated the natives, occupied the land and gave it a new name, which is how you gain the most important right."
"Which is?"
"To decide who enters and who does not."

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Friday, December 14, 2018

Immigration in Italy is falling

Once upon a time there was a country.
A built one, or better, governed by words and lies.
A nation where the movement of Italian citizens from the south to the north in the last year has increased again.
Read also how the regular face of so-called economic migrants rob jobs and the future: the Italian immigrants...

It means, less young people in the south, less hope and optimism, and more votes to political parties who create phobias and fuel depression.
Once upon a time, there was also a land where, in the past year, foreign immigration was in sharp decline, even before the advent of the defending borders leaders.
A country, to be precise, that the rate of foreign immigration for every 1,000 residents places in the 22nd place in European ranking.
Once upon a time, therefore, the State where Italian and immigrant inhabitants were both diminished.
Once upon a time there were facts, that is, numbers*.
In short, reality.
At the same time, we have got a country where immigration is the problem.
That’s today Italy for real...

*Data from Istat (Italian National Institute of Statistics)

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Friday, December 7, 2018

A day of ordinary fascist propaganda in Italy

Once upon a time there was a propaganda.
That is, the liar and interested voice.
Concerned about the click of the link as the fear, your fear.
I am talking about you, who read and above all believe what you are afraid of.
Think about Google News and search for the magic word.
Read what fills the dinner plate of those bad scribblers: immigrants.
Take for instance what happens in Italy, today.
Where some say that Tuberculosis returns as a "gift" from immigrants, as the Nazism did with Jews.
Migrants, Italy has exceeded the threshold limit: one in 10 citizens is a foreigner, says another one.
It is not a joke, the article titled and deepens this very concept, terrifying it: in the past it was zero in ten, today there is one!
Be scared!

The international lobby of the chic leftists wants to make us invaded by immigrants, tells another one.
Can you imagine the leaders of this sort of SP.E.C.T.R.E. in the attic of a skyscraper, elegant in their Che Guevara shirts planning departures and organize landings of migrants?
Well, if you cannot only imagine it, but also consider it to be plausible, the situation is serious for you, because they have now infected you for good.
Them, not the migrants.
And so on, other lies in the form of news, more smoke to obscure horizons and those who watch them.
Once upon a time there was the fascist propaganda and it is here again.
At the same time, there was once and we hope it will still be here.
The resistance

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Friday, November 30, 2018

Global Compact Migration: who is against

Once upon a time the Global Compact Migration.
That is, the recent UN document on immigration.
Once upon a time also who are against it.
Once upon a time, then, their brain.
And how to depict it? Imagine an empty room, large, but really bare.
As if you were invited to a party, you enter the hall and exclaim: "Isn’t nobody here? Anything at all? And did I hear so much noise from that?'
One day the aforementioned document approached the entrance of this kind of skull.
The latter, despite the vacuity of the meninges, proudly kept a sort of antivirus, focused on one enemy in particular: the brown people from overseas, to use a poetic euphemism.
Therefore, as soon as the sensors intercepted the word migration, they start to sound.
For your consideration, the Global Compact for Migration proposes some guidelines for managing migratory phenomena and reception policies for asylum seekers established thanks to the work of experts and operators on the field. The intent is, among other things, to combat and reduce the vulnerabilities of migrants, as well as to hinder the trafficking of human beings. The majority of European nations, including Germany and France, have already voted in favor, while the opposing are the countries that more or less recently elected governments that declare themselves to be averse to migrants.
But it is evident that in that emptiness mentioned above there is no trace of any solution to the problems of the world that foresees human empathy...

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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Immigration stories: Go home

Go home, shouts the man at the border, disguised as president.
Go home, seems to be the meaning of the border itself, rather than an imaginary line to give shape to the crowd’s delirium, in addition to atlases and globes.
Go home, yours or not, as long as it is not ours, they seem to sing as a choir, the disgraced mice who are following the false Piped Piper with orange hairpiece.
Go back where you came from, it could be the complete translation, further extending hatred and inhumanity of the used ink.
Only two words, he says, the elected bulwark to protect fears and pusillanimity among the low instincts of his people.
That is the manifesto of an old cry, already shouted out by the greatest rascals of past history.
Two words.
Well, while the soul suffering from chronic romance whispered I love, the creature left alone exclaimed I exist, the truly human being – before the question about who will not turn away from others, needed just one, me, that’s how we may summarize the vocabulary of the scarecrow made of straw and misery: go home.
You know what?
With impassive gait of their own path, the marching peoples obey the order received.
They will not stop.
Because the earth, all.
It is their home...

Immgrants caravan US

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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Enrage the tyrant

The tyrant is angry.
It is not because a random guy thought he can travel from the world strictly south of his kingdom, and at the same time pretended to get close enough to look him straight in the eye.
Nor because this south is not so far. Since, as the overvalued boundary geography states, the Americas are two, not one, and Honduras is part of it as well as the US.
It is not because the lovers of hope and improbable horizons are more than one, but four thousand.
Nor because they reveal the intention to break through that wall of lies and folly between the land of reserved opportunities and Mexico.
Not because we talk about a caravan of migrants without any trace of fear of the sovereign liar.
He is infuriated the same.
He perfectly knows that the utopian plan will fail, the prospectors of the future have no chance of entering the naked king’s garden, undressed of every humanity’s fragment, and that the guards appointed to defend the world conquered thanks to native blood genocide, when the time comes, they do what they are paid for.
Still, the tyrant is enraged.
It never stops being so.
Because he also knows that out there, beyond the barbed wire that surrounds his heart, in every second myriads of perennially dreamy souls or simple fools can rise up.
Ready to invade his nightmares.
Courage, then
Let’s continue to infuriate the tyrants of this world...

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Worse than the prison

Worse than the prison.
That’s how the inmates used to define the detention centers for illegal immigrants in the United Kingdom, where more than twenty-five thousand people pass each year.
Rehabilitation is not provided.
There is no trial.
One judge, the government.
No defense attorney.
The prosecution does not need a witness.
No look for evidences.
While the strange type of defendant, guilty of poor birth, can not appeal to any court in the world.
There is no criminal sentence to be issued.
And, therefore, no limit to be affixed to the sentence’s duration.
Because it starts from afar – read as well that unfortunate first wandering on earth, and just as far away it will find peace.
There are cells, indeed.
So the guards and legalized abuses.
Anguish and fear.
The deafening silence on the sweet side of the barbed wire crown, the true boundary that divides the earth into two unequal parts.
Worse than the prison, yes it is.
But, feeling even more bitter, worse than life itself which the unwanted creatures escaped from...

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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Mare Ionio Mediterranea: war or peace

The Mare Ionio (Ionian Sea) vessel sailed last night from Augusta to Libya and is part of Mediterranea, the first international sea mission fully organized in Italy.
The project, supported and financed by various associations and political exponents, will officially have tasks of monitoring, testimony and denunciation.
Meanwhile, the number of migrants dead in the sea that divides Europe from Africa has reached its historical highs. According to a new study by the researcher Matteo Villa, of the Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI), only in September 2018 20% of those who left Libya were deceased or missing.
Waiting to see how the current Italian government will counterattack, the war continues...

I will go.
And I will wait for you on the bank.
I will go the same and I will sail.
And I, to shake the sea and your heart, I will blow on the waves.
I will dance among them and I will feel bravery staring at the future that I have never even dreamed of.
And I, to attract monsters from everywhere and attack you, I will make noise and I will scream until I lose my breath.
I will welcome them on board and convince them that the real monsters are your words and what they hide.

Then, I will sail too.
And I, in the midst of the waves, I will wait for you.
I will be armed with cannons and rifles.
And I will be loved by my companions and dear ones.
I will see you on the horizon with rancor.
And I will watch you arriving feeling only your terror.
I will shout fire and I will sink you.
And I will slide to the bottom of the sea.

The next day, I will count the dead and I will exult.
And I, from the underworld, I will leave again.
At the edge of my small and miserable world, I will know how to stop you.
And I will be made of eternal dust and shadows of slaughtered memory, impossible to arrest.
I will work to erase people memories from the great history.
And I will seek the consciences of those you first forgot and I will tell them my short story.

In the meantime, someone else, after me, will go.
And someone else, after me, will wait for you.
So it will continue, until between us it will be war or peace.

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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Immigrants and thieves

Imagine you are an immigrant.
One who migrates and who must do it to survive.
Exactly, imagine you are one of the many, for some, the few, for many, who has all the credentials not to be rejected wihout any discussion, let's put it this way.
Spend everything you have on your journey, suffer from sickness, cold and violence, and after a hellish trip you find yourself on the island of Lesbos, in Greece.
Now, you could think: what luck, Greece, you say? The land where in ancient times considered a duty to give hospitality to those who asked for?
You see, my friend, the key part is not hospitality, but in ancient times. Otherwise, Americans are the first migrants in the world, as are Italians, Spaniards and Portuguese, etc.
So you find yourself in a detention camp for asylum seekers in the city of Moria.
What you mean with detention camp, you might ask. A prison? Come on, I wanted to survive and you put me in a cell like a criminal? Is it a crime wanting to live?
Yes, I know, in those shoes you would talk like that, but the hard work is to do it with a stretched shirt.
So, in spite of the paradoxical injustice of the situation, imagine millions of people in the world accusing you of having come here to steal, to take away jobs and future, culture and possibilities, houses and medical care.
Now, you are always in the camp, and the screams are strong, every day more, deciding governments and determining the front pages of newspapers.
Well, speaking about accusations and newspapers, imagine that the detention camp which you are imprisoned in was under investigation and that Fileleftheros daily published a report that connects the name of the Defence Minister Panos Kammenos,ì - head of the Independent Greeks, avowedly anti-immigration
right-wing party, with businessmen who have benefited from EU funds, otherwise destined to improve life in the camp.
Do you understand, now who are the migrants and who are the thieves?

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Happy birthday Horst Seehofer

Happy birthday Horst Seehofer.
Best wishes to the German Minister of the Interior.
Happy birthday to the Teutonic Salvini.
Sorry for the delay, of course, because you celebrated your personal anniversary the 4th July.
Eight days ago.
Here is the distance between the inhuman madness of inept people with power and the sad reality of the unfortunate souls on this earth.
You were to toast before the 69 candles turning them into human trophies, blowing them away like negligible flames of equally insignificant existences of wax.
You have chosen to rejoice in front of the grotesque coincidence of years on the shoulders and expelled lives.
Well, it will be because you blew with excessive arrogance.
Or, perhaps, it is simply a cruel fate to realize beyond all expectations your wishes expressed during the festive occasion.
Keep laughing, then, be consistent with the brutal cynicism that pervades your body.
Because a 23-year-old man, who had lived in Germany since he was 15, once in Afghanistan committed suicide.
Eight years his new life lasted over the border and other infernal lines.
Here is the distance between humanity and what we have become.
Happy birthday to the man called minister.
Happy birthday to the minister who now has little of human.
Happy birthday to those who like you are defiling history with a cursed past, which we thought we had enough understood.
Well, as it has happened once before, may the future take away that smile from your face as soon as possible...

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