Thursday, January 18, 2018

Immigration stories: the truth

The immigrants are around 15% in Sweden, 14.4% in the United States, 12% in the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands, slightly less in France and even lower figures in Spain and Italy.
This means, for purely statistical reasons, that there is a huge number of our fellow citizens who spend weeks, if not months, without meeting a foreigner.
Anyone who started a speech about the problems of society and the priorities of the latter, no matter he’s a political exponent, of any sort, rather than the man in the bar, the social network friend, the chatty colleague or the relative statesman , even if only by citing the migrants, he should be kicked in the ass.
Otherwise, it would be like slavishly accepting to be the one who is first kicked out and then cheated.
Yet, despite over time the presences have obviously increased, for decades now the central theme of the global electoral debate is not the costs and the corruption of politics, nor are the taxes always in favor of richer people and corporations, nor the monopoly of press...

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