Friday, February 2, 2018

Immigration in Italy stories of Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni

Days ago, in Rome, Italy, a Peruvian woman was pushed on the underground rails right before the train’s arrival by an Italian fellow citizen. The attempted assassination caused fractures to her pelvis and leg, not to mention the traumatic amputation of the left forearm.
At the same time, yesterday, North League (Lega Nord) leader Matteo Salvini and right politician Giorgia Meloni have promptly shared their angry comments on the death of a girl murdered, as soon as they read that the first suspect is an immigrant…
So, I have a question:

Where are they?
Where are they, in front of certain news?
I wonder, where are the paladins of order and security?
Where are they, always ready to raise their voices and patriotic banner against the exotic culprit?
Really? Where are they?

Where are the proud organizers of grinning patrols chasing the possibly brown, vile assailant?
Where are they, gosh?
Where are the mad and indignant editorials against the leftist gooders, accomplices of bloody immigrant hands?
Seriously, where are they?
Where are the sellers of racist slogans and spots?
Where are they, then?
Where are the timely posts on Facebook and the intolerant, looking for votes twitting’s?
Where are they, at this point in history?
Where are the mountains of xenophobic titles for all seasons, to catch clicks and cash with banners?
In short, where are they?
In other words, where are these subtle creatures, where it comes that an Italian, claiming to have been inspired by God, pushes an immigrant under a train?
Where are they?
Well, it's very easy to answer.
They are in the sewers, crouched there, in perennial drooling, only waiting for exactly the opposite to happen. And finally give a sense to their own useless existence in politics.

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