Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Immigration stories of walls

I make walls.
I make walls and I give them for free.
Call me and I solve your problem.
In Hungary and now also in Macedonia want to stop migrants with a wall.
Why you have not thought about me?
Yet I believed to have proven to be expert.
Okay, okay, I'm not a conventional one, it is clear.
If you are expecting the classic creator of walls, commonly called mason, with trowel and plumb, we are off the road.
That is old stuff.
Well, it still works, but I am 2.0, or better, infinite-dot-nothing, but should be read in reverse, meaning that from nothing I watch out in search of infinity.
I do walls, walls that last, movable ones, in short, sharable, reusable, but preferably quotable.

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