Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Immigration stories from Turkey

Imagine a table.
A round table, like the one of the knights with a honest and fearless king.
Let it be told.
Let it be told and remembered that they are brave and righteous, until proven otherwise.
Now, let’s release some fantasy. Namely, let the gallop be heard. To remember that on this page, there will be always room for those who did not come in the photo on the desk at the entrance, the one that everyone looks.
Like steeds who have struggled, suffered and often destroyed back and hooves for others' glory, as the horses of Zorro and D'Artagnan, Robin Hood and Lone Ranger. No one will remember those lives, when all the dust will end to fall.
So, you may cover the round table of knights and intrepid king with a nice green cloth.

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