Saturday, March 17, 2018

Immigration stories of Mediterranean

This is my first question.
How can you not want to run out of all this?
How do you still pronounce these words?
And you have said them, don't deny it, oh if you said them.
Without going too far, once you said that, at the end of the day, they deserved hell for what they did to our Lord, because they adored money, living only among themselves, not integrating.
You said also that, after all, they have made a good deal being captured and brought to the new world, because there they have suffered, of course, but who does not suffer in life? But then they got a piece of land and the sun and the water to make it bear fruits. They have found America, by the way.
You said that even them, yes, them, would anyway be bound to disappear, because the future is only for the most evolved beings.
You said that genocide, whether you look at it from above, is just one of the thousand faces of the normal natural selection.

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