Thursday, March 15, 2018

Immigration stories of refugees children

In the castle there is no room for everyone, but the prince has worked, has worked hard and eventually found a place for them.
Who dared to cross the moat filled by dark slime, challenging the fairs within.
Those are the ones who have climbed the walls, and that despite thousands loving or just traveling companions were killed along the way to heaven that really heats up, they have come across.
Where they say there is no better life, easier and longer.
But life there must necessarily be, because the other side is now running out.
Meanwhile they stand, breathing becomes normal and dreams increase in volume.
There had dreams before to arrive, let alone now.
However, this is not good, because that is how the gift of grace works: okay, I have taken out the plug from your heart, but do not you dare to bleed on the fine carpet, gosh.

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