Sunday, March 11, 2018

Immigration stories: the wall

Make walls, make walls around, and forget about it. This was the suggested remedy. Simple and quick solution, with elementary words that also a child could easily understand, let alone a crazy person.
So, the man, who had seen first in the hands, his own hands, the hated enemy, did raise a wall on the wrists. Two stone bracelets that enveloped the way between the arms and the fingers, a boundary between the upper limbs and the ability to grasp but also touch, to push or, at best, caress, often to indicate, sometimes to greet.
The sleep improved, but it did not last long, because in most cases the delirium is like an insatiable drug. As soon as you deceive yourself you can handle it, here it comes under another, much more powerful mask.
The feet, the feet had become the invader, and then the man, as it seemed to have worked with the wrists, and consequently with his hands, did the same with his ankles, making them crushed by impassable walls.

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