Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The List of dead immigrants

Once upon a time a list.
The list of 34,361 women, men and children who died trying to reach Europe and find a better life.
Once upon a time a story, indeed.
A fairly, but not so impossible one, if you pay attention to facts, instead of fake news and ignorant screams.
So, once upon a time women, men and children that would fill a small town, not great as many used to say.
Well, let’s imagine it.
Let’s figure families and friends, travelers or just human beings arriving in a little city, one of those that doesn’t get so many tourists.
But there is life, anyway.
There will be for sure.
Once upon a time, and it is now, a world where there is place for that.
A chance and a right to survive.
Getting food and shelter, a wonderful list of two, an easy one to remember and more than all realize.
Once upon a time, sadly, 34,361 women, men and children disappeared somewhere.
But still asking for human answers and actions...

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