Thursday, September 27, 2018

Immigrants and thieves

Imagine you are an immigrant.
One who migrates and who must do it to survive.
Exactly, imagine you are one of the many, for some, the few, for many, who has all the credentials not to be rejected wihout any discussion, let's put it this way.
Spend everything you have on your journey, suffer from sickness, cold and violence, and after a hellish trip you find yourself on the island of Lesbos, in Greece.
Now, you could think: what luck, Greece, you say? The land where in ancient times considered a duty to give hospitality to those who asked for?
You see, my friend, the key part is not hospitality, but in ancient times. Otherwise, Americans are the first migrants in the world, as are Italians, Spaniards and Portuguese, etc.
So you find yourself in a detention camp for asylum seekers in the city of Moria.
What you mean with detention camp, you might ask. A prison? Come on, I wanted to survive and you put me in a cell like a criminal? Is it a crime wanting to live?
Yes, I know, in those shoes you would talk like that, but the hard work is to do it with a stretched shirt.
So, in spite of the paradoxical injustice of the situation, imagine millions of people in the world accusing you of having come here to steal, to take away jobs and future, culture and possibilities, houses and medical care.
Now, you are always in the camp, and the screams are strong, every day more, deciding governments and determining the front pages of newspapers.
Well, speaking about accusations and newspapers, imagine that the detention camp which you are imprisoned in was under investigation and that Fileleftheros daily published a report that connects the name of the Defence Minister Panos Kammenos,ì - head of the Independent Greeks, avowedly anti-immigration
right-wing party, with businessmen who have benefited from EU funds, otherwise destined to improve life in the camp.
Do you understand, now who are the migrants and who are the thieves?

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