Thursday, October 4, 2018

Mare Ionio Mediterranea: war or peace

The Mare Ionio (Ionian Sea) vessel sailed last night from Augusta to Libya and is part of Mediterranea, the first international sea mission fully organized in Italy.
The project, supported and financed by various associations and political exponents, will officially have tasks of monitoring, testimony and denunciation.
Meanwhile, the number of migrants dead in the sea that divides Europe from Africa has reached its historical highs. According to a new study by the researcher Matteo Villa, of the Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI), only in September 2018 20% of those who left Libya were deceased or missing.
Waiting to see how the current Italian government will counterattack, the war continues...

I will go.
And I will wait for you on the bank.
I will go the same and I will sail.
And I, to shake the sea and your heart, I will blow on the waves.
I will dance among them and I will feel bravery staring at the future that I have never even dreamed of.
And I, to attract monsters from everywhere and attack you, I will make noise and I will scream until I lose my breath.
I will welcome them on board and convince them that the real monsters are your words and what they hide.

Then, I will sail too.
And I, in the midst of the waves, I will wait for you.
I will be armed with cannons and rifles.
And I will be loved by my companions and dear ones.
I will see you on the horizon with rancor.
And I will watch you arriving feeling only your terror.
I will shout fire and I will sink you.
And I will slide to the bottom of the sea.

The next day, I will count the dead and I will exult.
And I, from the underworld, I will leave again.
At the edge of my small and miserable world, I will know how to stop you.
And I will be made of eternal dust and shadows of slaughtered memory, impossible to arrest.
I will work to erase people memories from the great history.
And I will seek the consciences of those you first forgot and I will tell them my short story.

In the meantime, someone else, after me, will go.
And someone else, after me, will wait for you.
So it will continue, until between us it will be war or peace.

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